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  1. ★★★ Rail Travel Reports & Photos by Jack M. Turner

  2. www.trainweb.com/jackturner - Rail Travel Reports & Photos by Jack M. Turner Rail Trip Reports & Photos on both Amtrak and other rail lines throughout the nation from the year 2002 to current... Read More>>

  3. ★ John Turner

  4. www.trainweb.org/johnturner - John Turner Rail Travel Trip Reports & Photos by John Turner... Read More>>

Tourist Railroad Reports and Photos

June 21, 2015 - Chapter 13, New Hampshire Covered Bridges, Winnipesaukee Scenic RR & Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. The crack of dawn was still ringing throughout the Green Mountains, when we skipped down the road out of Town Rutland. Our week's stay here was an once-in-a-lifetime experience but we were ready to... Read More>>

March 17, 2017 - My Albany & Eastern Excursion Train: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler We checked out of the Shanico Inn in Lebanon, Oregon and drove down the highway to the golden arches of McDonalds for breakfast. There I had my usual hotcakes and sausages so I was a happy camper. From here we... Read More>>

Mar 15, 2016 - Country Travel DISCOVERIES: West Virginia's Mountain Railroads Tour by Robert & Kandace Tabern Report and Photos of: Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, Cass Scenic Railroad, New Tygart Flyer, The Potomac Eagle and Western Maryland R.R. Trip Taken: September 22-28, 2015... Read More>>

Jun 19, 2015 - Adventures in New England, Chapter 11: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Vermont Railway / Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad. Rutland to Omya Passenger Train, Shelburne Museum and Covered Bridges. Today's train trip to the Omya plant will be broken into two parts This is due to lack of track space at the plant. Group One will depart Rutland by... Read More>>

Jun 18, 2015 - Adventures in New England, Chapter 10: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Vermont Railway - Rutland to Burlington Passenger Train. Today's train departs at 10:00 AM from Rutland. After breakfast, with a couple of hours free to explore, Chris and I drove to the locomotive yard, location of the former car shop building, to see what was there... Read More>>

Tourist Railroad Reports and Photos
by Chris Guenzler:

    2011 - Present:
  1. The Adirondack Scenic Railroad
  2. Sumpter Valley Railway
  3. Yakima Trolley
  4. NRHS Northwest Railway Museum
  5. Oregon Electric Railway Museum
  6. The Columbia Star Dinner
  7. Historic San Diego PCC Car 529
  8. Orange Empire Railway Museum
  9. East Troy Electric Railroad
  10. Rockford Park District Trolley Car 36
  11. The Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad
  12. Pacific Southwest Railway Museum
  13. The Smith Ranch & Julian Railroad Golden Express Gold Mine Train
  14. Steam at Poway Park
  15. Hillcrest Farms Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad
  16. Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum
  17. Coopersville & Marne Railway
  18. Charlotte Southern Rail Road Old Dinner Train
  19. Southern Michigan Railroad Society
  20. Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Old Road Dinner Train
  21. Ashtabula, Carson & Jefferson Railroad
  22. Ohio Railway Museum
  23. Wilmington & Western Railroad
  24. Steam into History aboard the Northern Central Railroad
  25. Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association
  26. The St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad
  27. The Santa Cruz Big Trees & Pacific Railway Santa Cruz Beach Train
  28. Roaring Camp and Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad
  29. The Complete California Western Railroad
  30. Nevada County Narrow Gauge and Transportation Museum
  31. Western Railway Museum
  32. Delaware and Ulster Railroad
  33. Catskill Railroad Trips
  34. Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad
  35. White Mountain Central Railroad
  36. The Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train
  37. The Mount Washington Cog Railway
  38. The Sandy River & Rangeley Lake Railroad Trip
  39. The Conway Scenic Railroad
  40. The Silver Lakes Railroad
  41. The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railroad
  42. Maine Narrow Gauge Museum
  43. Seashore Trolley Museum
  44. The National Streetcar Museum in Lowell, MA
  45. The CapeFlyer Trip
  46. The Connecticut Eastern Railroad
  47. The Essex Steam Train Trip
  48. Shore Line Trolley Museum
  49. The Connecticut Electric Railway Museum
  50. Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum
  51. Hesston Steam Museum
  52. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad
  53. Fort Collins Street Car Line
  54. Terry Bison Ranch Train Trip
  55. The Black Hills Central Railroad

  56. 2009 - 2010
  57. Branson Scenic Railroad
  58. Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway
  59. Arkansas and Missouri Railroad
  60. Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad
  61. The Georgetown Loop Railroad
  62. Colorado Railroad Museum
  63. The Platte Valley Trolley
  64. Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad
  65. Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad
  66. The Pike Peak Cog Railroad
  67. The Huckleberry Railroad
  68. Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad
  69. Camp 5 Lumberjack Steam Train
  70. Mid-Continent Railway Museum
  71. The Iron Horse Central Bumblebee Train
  72. North Shore Scenic Railroad Trip
  73. 2009 Old Threshers Reunion
  74. The Weiser Railroad
  75. Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
  76. The Niles Canyon Railroad
  77. Angels Flight
  78. Upper Hudson River Railroad
  79. Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad
  80. Arcade & Attica Railroad
  81. Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad
  82. Kiski Junction Railroad
  83. New Hope & Ivyland Railroad
  84. Black River & Western Railroad
  85. Delaware River Railroad
  86. Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad
  87. Wanamaker, Kempton and Southern Railroad
  88. Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train
  89. Steamtown
  90. The Stourbridge Lion
  91. Electric City Trolley Museum
  92. Cass Railroad Trip to Bald Knob
  93. Fort Smith Trolley Museum

  94. 2001 - 2008
  95. The Grand Canyon Railroad
  96. The Yuma Valley Railroad
  97. Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver to Calgary and back
  98. The Verde Canyon Railroad
  99. Minnesota Zephyr Dinner train
  100. Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad
  101. Kentucky Railroad Museum and My Old Kentucky Dinner Train
  102. Montana Rockies Rail Tours Montana Daylight
  103. Santa Fe Southern
  104. Old Pueblo Trolley
  105. The Mount Hood Railroad
  106. The Crooked River Dinner Train
  107. Chehalis-Centralia Railroad
  108. The Washington Park and Zoo Railroad
  109. Georgia Agrirama Living History Museum Railroad
  110. Camp 6 Logging Train
  111. Willamette Shore Trolley
  112. The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
  113. Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad
  114. East Board Top Railroad
  115. Rockhill Trolley Museum
  116. The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
  117. Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
  118. Pikes Peak Historical Street Railway
  119. Grapevine Vintage Railroad
  120. The Texas State Railroad
  121. Strasburg Railroad
  122. French Lick, West Baden & Southern Railway
  123. Whitewater Valley Railroad
  124. Carthage Knightstown and Shirley Railroad
  125. Indiana Transportation Museum
  126. New Tygart Flyer
  127. Cass Scenic Railroad
  128. Chelatchie Prairie Railroad
  129. Remlinger Farm's Tolt River Railroad
  130. Lake Whatcom Railroad
  131. Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad
  132. North Carolina Transportation Museum Spencer Shops
  133. Great Smoky Mountain Railroad
  134. Southern Appalachia Railway Museum
  135. Big South Fork Scenic Railroad
  136. The Lookout Mountain Incline Railroad
  137. Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
  138. Southeastern Railway Museum
  139. The Stone Mountain Railroad
  140. The Sierra Railroad Golden Sunset Dinner Train
  141. Austin Steam train
  142. The Royal Gorge Railroad
  143. The Durango & Silverton Railroad
  144. Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
  145. Rio Grande Scenic Railroad
  146. Appanoose County Community Railroad
  147. Midland Railroad
  148. The Belton, Grandview and Kansas City Railroad
  149. Tennessee Central Railroad Museum

  150. 1980 - 2000
  151. Ghost train of East Ely Nevada Northern Railroad
  152. The Eureka Southern Railroad - The North Coast Daylight
  153. Wyoming and Colorado Railroad
  154. Fillmore and Western Railroad
  155. The Yolo Shortline Railroad
  156. Descanso, Alpine & Pacific Railway
  157. Bell Garden's Railroad
  158. Hawaiian Railway

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TrainWeb Reports & Web Sites: Featured Today! Previously Featured Slideshows Highlighted Past The Big Stories Directory
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